Breathwork Immersion

 Weekend intensives Fall 2023

With Alicia Barmon 

Travis Wanner, SEP Assisting  

A Practice of Collective Liberation - A Coming Home to Interbeing through the Unraveling of the Granthis


Please apply by sending an email expressing interest so we can assess fit together.  


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The immersions are ideal for people who:  

-are ready to liberate their diaphragms from cultural and ancestral conditioning, the cult of capitalism and the story of separation.
-are resourced into their communities as support systems and have ingrained habits of care for themselves.
-are interested in exploring early relational patterns that are getting in the way of relationship.
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The immersions include:

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Weekend Intensives & Monthly Integration Circles

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Monthly Quaker Style sharing circles after Breathwork Practice

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An Empathy Partner


A Process Sangha is a small group of 3 participants. It is a welcoming environment in which to explore longstanding patterns that impact our ability to be fully present. The facilitator, Alicia Barmon, is assisted by Travis Wanner, SEP. 

The immersions are weekend in-person intensives. 

 Process Sanghas are based on the turn taking model of the work of Ray Castellino's Womb Surrounds. Each participant will be centered in their work to unravel patterns as they arise in the present moment. A turn is about 2 hours.

Process Sanghas
The intention of intensives is to be guided into the somatic patterns that keep us from being fully present in the now. The medicine is relationship, which of course is fraught with complexity - all of it welcome. 

The invitation is to explore patterns of relationship and connection as they arise in the present moment. And with guidance and support, feel into the complexities of staying in relationship as we go into our patterns. 

We will explore looping, management strategies, and the story of separation as they shape posture, breath and somatic experiences. 

You will be guided to inhibit your management strategies, with exquisite consent, so we can allow the material to come forward out of the implicit and into the womb of the sangha for renegotiation and completion.

When it's not your turn, you will be called to witness and offer your presence to widen the field for quantum healing.

The foundation of this work is full body consent. We slow down and bow down to the resistance, the tension, the whispering No's...we make space for all the parts, and weave the wound with sangha and transpersonal spaces.

*The person who is taking the turn has the option of using low dose psychedelics for their turn. 

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This work is informed by Buddhist and Vedic philosophy, Somatic Experiencing, earth based spirituality and Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy. 

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Warm Welcome,

My name is Alicia. I have been consciously practicing the breath for 20 years in my personal and professional practice, using it as a tool to support clients with symptom mitigation and root level healing.

As a mother, human, yoga therapist, psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and most recently trained to facilitate Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy- I work with people as multidimensional beings to support liberation as a practice of unbecoming ourselves. 

I combine Somatic Experiencing with breathwork to build a bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind - the implicit and the explicit - allowing longstanding patterns to emerge and be supported, held and felt in a new way - in relationship with the loving witness and the vast web of relations.

My work emerges from the intersection of science and spirituality as I weave modern science with ancient practices to create 30 minute daily practices that draw from quantum physics, Vedic philosophy, Chinese medicine, Buddhism and my direct experience with trees, fungi, bull frogs, and many other sentient beings that walk my path with me.

I have been offering a breathwork class that has been running live, daily on zoom since 2021. I also teach practitioners how to harness the breath for liberation and healing and I provide somatic based therapy (with and without psychedelics) and individualized breathwork sessions to harness the breath for personal and collective liberation.

I am committed to regenerative practices, local community resiliency and loving ourselves and each other back to wholeness as an act of collective liberation. If you would like to know more about my somatic psychotherapy work, you can click here.

"I don't think anything has been as impactful for my overall well ever. Alicia's Breathwork Apprenticeship and the daily Breathwork practices have helped me better connect with myself and others. It's inspired me to work differently with my clients and students and honestly, Alicia is just really lovely to sit and listen to." 

Carrie Dennison, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Rieki Master

"Alicia's Breathwork Apprenticeship has been revolutionary for me both professionally and personally. She has helped me safely explore and inhabit my body in a completely new way by helping me tap into our body's most powerful tool, the breath. Her incredible wisdom and tender guidance is soul quenching. It is so apparent that she takes incredible care when curating this apprenticeship. Her approach is gentle, thoughtful and trauma informed. It has been an honor to sit and breathe, laugh, cry and hold joy and grief alongside so many other beautiful humans during these last 6 months. I cannot recommend it enough!" 

Amanda Phelan, LCSW-C

"I have been breathing with Alicia for 15 years my partner and best friend. The Apprenticeship has helped me regulate in a new and deeper way. It's one thing to be mindful, it's another to know how to breathe functionally and use the breath to change the way I am feeling. This work is profound. Coming into deep relationship with my breath has been so incredibly useful. It has been life changing on every level."

Travis Wanner, SEP, Somatic Coach

"Alicia's daily breathwork and apprenticeship program has absolutely transformed my overall health and wellness. Thanks to these last six months, I now have a rich toolkit of breaths available when I'm fatigued, anxious, or need to work out the stiffness in my joints. More than that, though, I also have a community and a sense of belonging.

I have returned to my natural state of being thanks to this practice of attuning to my breath!" 

Safrianna Loughna, LCPC

"I feel blessed to have been part of daily breath work practice with Alicia for the past year. It’s a unique experience to be gently and expertly guided into the body, accompanied by breath and in concert with others. I would call it the ultimate nervous system daily tune up, with the benefits that last throughout the day. I loved the structure of a daily routine, with flexibility built in to breathe in a way that suits my needs. Alicia is a gifted teacher with a big heart, with years of practice and ages of wisdom to share."
Julie McCarter, LCSW


 "Alicia is a treasure among treasures. I feel incredibly grateful to have found her. She brings breadth and depth to her teachings, drawing from an impressive array of traditions and approaches including Yoga, Qigong, Somatic Experiencing, and Parts Work, to name a few. I am often astounded by her knowledge, and wisdom in drawing upon that knowledge. How can one person hold so much? Alicia's background as a Trauma Therapist combined with her profound empathy allows her to bring highly skilled safety and attunement to the Breathwork Practices. She creates a container that allows for grounded trust, expansion and transformation, a rare combination. I consider it to be a real privilege to be one of Alicia's students and a member of her Breathwork Sangha."
Sara Silvia, Therapist


"I can’t say enough about Alicia and about this program. To share this container and community is so incredibly special and I am so grateful! The apprenticeship is full of practical knowledge that I know I can take with me into not only my personal practice, but my practice as a therapist as well. Knowledge of the breath and regular practice has made me a better clinician, a better partner, and a more connected human. This program has been a breath of fresh air that I didn’t even know I needed. Thank you Alicia!"

Nicole Sparrow, Therapist, Reiki Master

Breathwork Immersion


Weekend intensives. Dates to be announced.


Please email me to discuss fit. [email protected]


**The first step in the process is to reach out to Alicia via email to express interest so we can assess fit.  

Cancellation Agreement
Up to 30 days before start date: full refund (minus a $50 admin fee)

Between 14-30 days of the start date: 50% refund

Less than two weeks notice: no refund unless a replacement person can be found. (There are a specific number of slots for each training. If someone cancels at the last minute, that slot is not filled and impacts the sustainability of the training.)

An exception will be made for an unexpected illness and major life events: a refund of 50% or a full credit to attend an up-coming training can be issued.

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If you would like to know more about my somatic psychotherapy work, you can click here.

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