Experiential Apprenticeship Curriculum

Biomechanics of Breathing: Embodying the breath (and ourselves) in the physical body
Exploring the diaphragms in the physical body as breath centers
Exploring the dynamics of gravity/levity, propping/collapse and yielding
Finding and deepening our own relationship to the locks
Interoception: embodying ourselves, pulling the sensorium home, pratyahara, holding ourselves in relationship to the other
Science of Breathing
Breath retentions
The pause
CO2/the zone of exchange
Breath Hunger and breathing into the edges through the koshas to develop our capacity for pain
Finding the soft belly still point and the locks as technology to harness energy
The science and practice of humming
The breath as portal to interbeing:
The power of breathing in community: coherence and resonance
Quantum inquiries into the between
Embodying the breath through koshas and beyond
"Right relationship" to gravity as a portal to other dimensions through the quantum terrain
Sangha as the fulcrum for healing
The nervous system and the breath:
Dorsal vagal explorations as resourcing - re-associating to the transpersonal spaces (the more freezey states) so we can go into the samskaras/neural ruts with capacity and relationship (this is what the Immersions explore more deeply)
Ventral vagal breathing to support interspecies and human connection
Nasal cycles
Using the breath to:
Create the capacity to explore shock and overwhelm and states of stuckness/despsair and hopelessness
Organize a stuck threat response
Mobilize protection
Support nervous system waves from activation to neutral 
Yogic anatomy: chakras, samskaras, granthis, shushumna, bandhas, vayus
Vedic and Buddhist Philosophy: samadhi, moksha, Japa Meditation and its incredible medicinal power to manage dysregulation along with its ability to transport us to the transpersonal
Chinese Medicine: the organ system, qi gong
We will explore:
Breaths to support a freeze response into rest
Breaths to mobilize out of freeze
Breaths to support nervous system waves from freeze to flow
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"I am absolutely loving the practices and am so grateful to have found this body of work.  Really appreciate your depth of knowledge and nurturing kindness. These practices feel very safe and sacred within the container. 

I am noticing a shift in my ability to sit in quiet meditation afterwards as well. "
Eleni R