Personalized Breath Practices &

Individualized Breathwork Sessions

Personalized Practices: meet for two sessions to design a personalized breathwork practice.
Individual Breathwork Sessions:  individual therapy sessions, using breathwork as a primary focus for healing.

Personalized Breathwork Practices 

I design personalized breathwork practices that help with falling asleep, staying asleep, navigating anxiety/panic and overwhelm, self compassion, chronic pain, grief and the complexities of being human.

Breath is medicine. The nervous system doesn't speak English - it speaks tone of voice, touch, compassion and breath. When we change our breath, we change our nervous system state. We can bring the system up, we can bring it down, we can stabilize and we can shift our perspective from gripped to expansive and receptive. 

It is an honor and a privilege to design a personalized breath practice to support you in the ways you want to be supported.  

Personalized Breath Practices:
  • falling asleep
  • averting a panic attack
  • managing anxiety
  • cultivating relational capacity between partners
  • working with traumatic grief
  • chronic pain
  • loneliness
  • confusion
  • overwhelm
  • interdependence: remembering we are connected
  • cultivating energy and inspiration
  • whatever is moving your spirit and needing support


How it Works

We meet virtually for 30 minutes so that I can learn about your needs.

I design the practice and then guide you through it. We record the practice so that you have it on hand to practice as needed.




Individualized Breathwork Sessions

If you are curious about breathwork and would like some individualized attention, I offer private sessions where we explore both the function of the dominant breath patterns in your particular system and an exploration of practices to gently support a shift in the patterns that have taken hold. 

After an initial assessment where we explore the conditioning as it shows up in thought, movement, behavior, emotions and breath - I use breathwork and somatic practices to unravel the conditioning over time establishing new breath, thought and emotional default settings. 

Because unraveling breath patterns is trauma work, we will go slowly, gently working with the parts that show up to resist change. Breath patterns are survival patterns and they affect every system in the body. When we approach change from the aperture of the breath, we get to the root of the issue and the downstream effects can be profound. 

 $185/60 minutes

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