I offer a sliding scale with 4 levels. The wide range reflects the incredible disparity of economic conditions in the US and around the world. The payment structure is designed for those with more access to wealth (middle class and upper/owning class, anyone with investments or retirement savings) to cover the costs of those with little access to wealth. I trust your discernment of how you personally fit into this scale. 

Sustaining rate ($225/mo) covers the cost of this offering, making it possible to continue offering it in the future.

Pay it Forward rate ($250/mo) gives the gift of this offering to those who could not otherwise do it.

Community rate ($200/mo) provides a discount for anyone who cannot afford the sustaining rate.

Gift rate ($1-175/mo) is available for those who need additional help to attend.

If you would like to pay in full, you can send it to my Venmo account under my name and with my picture.




Monthly Payment (or $2475 total)

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Pay it Forward


Monthly Payment (or $2750 total)

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Monthly Payment (or $2200 total)

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$1 - 175

Monthly Payment

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Past Apprentices


Monthly Payment

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